Home Inspections

  • Standard Home inspection services (Structural & Exterior walls,  Interior area, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roof & Attic) + Thermal FLIR camera  inspections
  • Thermal inspections allow for us to visibly see any unseen water  intrusion through our Infrared camera that may exist behind walls, ceilings, under cabinets or other  locations.
  • Thorough report with findings with heavily documented pictures and summary costs of repairs that may be needed per inspection.

Standard Report 1 Standard Report 2

  • During the structural inspection we will be looking into methods of construction, conditions of the structure, illegal additions or structures on site and any other pertinent conditions.

  • During the roof inspection we will be looking into methods of installation, conditions of the roof, age of roof and permit records in order to determine useful life and any costs associated with repairs that may be needed.

  • During the interior inspection we will be looking into the interior components of the home including drywall, flooring, cabinets, fixtures and finishes to the home.

  • During the electrical inspection portion we will be looking into methods of installation of the wiring, outlets and fixtures, and panel condition. 

  • During the HVAC inspection we will be looking into the AC units condition, age, ductwork and detect through our FLIR infrared camera any signs of air loss in the system.

  • During the plumbing inspection portion we will be looking into water pressure, discharge and leaks associated with all the home's plumbing. In addition all fixtures will be reviewed with our thermal camera. Many times our FLIR thermal camera will pick up on unnoticed leaks or other signs of long term water damages that are common with plumbing.

  • During our thermal camera inspection portion we go throughout the home attempting to detect any thermal readings that our FLIR camera can show signs of water damages, leaks, thermal readings that may be or become an issue. 

  • We are always searching for termites and mold during our inspections. Each home will vary on the conditions but if any certified testing is required or needed we can complete those tests on the home.

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